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Company Introduction


  Putian Deming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new-type enterprise specializing in the production of sponge machinery. The company has technicians and first-line technicians who have been engaged in the production of sponge machinery for many years and we has strong technical force. Our equipments have been sold all over the country and have been exported to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In the design and production process, in order to allow customers to use our products more confidently, our company adopts advanced foreign technology, strictly guards the quality control and ensures the precision of the equipment and its service life. In terms of electrical control, general program control and high-tech PLC man-machine interface computer touch control can be selected according to customer requirements. The foam produced by our equipment has the characteristics of no foam head, uniform overall pore diameter of the foam, flat top of the foam, reduced loss of raw materials, and high production efficiency.

  Deming's business philosophy: integrity, responsibility, quality, innovation, and service. Our aim is to do things with a sense of responsibility and be a man with gratitude.

With many years of experience accumulation, we know that after-sales service is more important than sales.We provide customers with a series of comprehensive service measures such as professional site layout, installation, commissioning, training, follow-up maintenance of equipment, product formula support, foaming technology training and raw material supply. The design and manufacture of special specifications of foaming and equipment can be carried out according to the needs of customers.

  Choose Deming and let's win together!