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About sound-absorbing sponge
Time:2020/9/2 9:55:08    

Sound-absorbing sponge is an application material for sound insulation and noise reduction. It is formed by high-pressure forming of sponge. Commonly used sound-absorbing sponges mainly include pyramid sound-absorbing sponges, wave sound-absorbing sponges, and boutique sound-absorbing sponges. Its sound absorption principle is mainly to achieve noise reduction and sound absorption effects through the back and forth reflection of sound waves in the sponge.Scientific research shows that when the wall area is greater than 3 square meters, you can get good sound insulation and sound absorption effects. At the same time, we must pay attention to some low-quality sound-absorbing sponges in the selection of sponges. Excessive formic acid content will cause harm to human health.

Sound-absorbing sponge was originally used in recording studios, conference halls, KTV and other places. As our expectations for a comfortable living environment are getting higher and higher, sound-absorbing sponges have begun to enter the family. As a wall-based solution, it can meet people's needs for a quiet environment and it also has a certain ventilation performance. The usual thickness of sound-absorbing sponge is 20mm×90mm and the length is usually 1m×1m, or 1m×2m. Generally speaking, sound-absorbing sponge has flame-retardant, conductive and thermal properties.

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