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Advantages of polyurethane rigid foam insulation material
Time:2020/9/10 14:13:31    

Polyurethane rigid foam insulation material is an important branch of the polyurethane industry. It has multiple uses and is a building material product with dual functions of heat preservation and waterproofing. In recent years, with the rapid development of our country's building energy saving market, polyurethane rigid foam insulation products have been widely used in the fields of building insulation and waterproofing, and have become one of the leading insulation and energy saving products on the market.

As a high-quality material for building thermal insulation and waterproofing, rigid polyurethane foam breaks through traditional building materials that are not waterproof or thermally insulated. The advantages of rigid polyurethane foam are as follows:

1. Polyurethane rigid foam has the characteristics of multi-function and multi-purpose, it has many functions such as heat preservation, waterproofing, sound insulation and vibration absorption.

2. Excellent heat insulation performance. At present, it has the lowest thermal conductivity and the highest heat resistance among building materials in our country and the thermal conductivity is only half of that of EPS foamed polystyrene boards.

3. The continuous dense skin of the polyurethane rigid foam and the closed cells that close to 100% of the high-strength interconnected wall have ideal impermeability, it uses spraying method to achieve waterproof as well. The insulation layer has no joints, forming a seamless roof and an integrated outer wall insulation shell which has excellent waterproof and anti-seepage properties.

4. Strong self-adhesive performance, strong adhesion to the roof and external walls, good wind resistance and resistance to negative wind pressure. Flexible gradation technology can effectively prevent the waterproof layer from cracking. Mechanized operation,automatic batching and uniform quality make the construction speed faster and shorten the construction period.

5. The chemical performance is relatively stable, the service life is long and the surrounding environment is guaranteed to be pollution-free. It will only be carbonized and will not drip when burning. The size and shape of the carbonized layer are basically unchanged which can effectively isolate air from entering and prevent the spread of fire. So it has good fire safety performance.

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