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Chinese Polyurethane Recycling Status
Time:2020/7/24 10:26:05    

1. Polyurethane production plants produce a large amount of scraps every year which are easy to recycle because they are relatively concentrated. Most factories will use physical and chemical recycling methods to recycle scraps.

2. Waste polyurethane materials used by consumers have not been well recycled. There are some enterprises in China that specialize in the treatment of waste polyurethane, but most of them focus on incineration and physical recycling.

3. There are many universities and research institutions at home and abroad that are dedicated to finding polyurethane chemical and biological recycling technologies and have published certain academic results. But very few really put into large-scale applications and German H&S is one of them.

4. The classification of domestic waste in China has just started, and the final classification concentration of polyurethane materials is low and it is difficult for enterprises to continue to obtain waste polyurethane for subsequent recycling. Unstable supply of waste raw materials makes it difficult for enterprises to operate.

5. There is no clear charging standard for the recycling and processing of bulky garbage. For example, mattresses made of polyurethane, refrigerator insulation, etc., with the improvement of policies and industrial chains, recycling companies can get considerable income.

6. Huntsman invented a method to recycle PET plastic bottles. After multiple rigorous processing procedures, they react with other raw materials in a chemical reaction device to produce polyester polyol products. Up to 60% of the product components are from recycled PET plastic. Bottles, and polyester polyol is one of the important raw materials used to produce polyurethane materials. At present, Huntsman can effectively recycle 1 billion 500ml PET plastic bottles each year. In the past five years, 5 billion recycled PET plastic bottles have been converted into 130,000 tons of polyol products for the production of polyurethane insulation materials.

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