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Common types of special-shaped sponges
Time:2021/11/17 14:24:16    

1. Rubber sponge.

One of the sponges is made by foaming the main material of latex raw materials. It has rubber characteristics, good elasticity, good resilience and does not deform, but it is expensive which is 3-4 times that of foam.

2. Finished sponge.

The material is made of polyurethane material. After mixing with various additives, the pressure agent is put into a simple mold, and after heating, different shapes of sponges are extruded. The sponge is suitable for the sofa cushion and backrest of the rotating chair. Sometimes a small amount of shaped armrests are also used. The elasticity and hardness of the sponge can be adjusted according to the position of the product. Generally, seat sponges have higher hardness and density, followed by backrest sponges and stretch sponges are softer.

3. Slow return sponge is also called high load sponge.

The material has good cushioning and damping performance, good protection, good damping performance and temperature resistance, and its density, hardness and rebound time performance can be adjusted as needed. Good protection, damping, heat resistance, density, hardness, and rebound time can be adjusted as needed. It is widely used in the packaging of household and electronic equipment. Adding color, density, flame retardant and antistatic agent to the foam can improve the performance of the sponge.

4. Foam sponge.

Just like foam bread, this material can also be foamed and shaped with polyether. It can be foamed with mechanical equipment, or it can be manually surrounded by a board, the foam is like a square bread. Use a slicer for the slicing process, according to the need to cut the thickness, the hardness of the foam cotton can also be adjusted.


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