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Cooperation with Putian Yongjiu Shoes Company
Time:2020/6/22 10:12:41    

General manager Chen Deming established the company and with many years of development that the machinery and equipment have been throughout the country. The successful cases in Fujian, Zhejiang, Kunming, Hebei, Jiangsu , Shanghai, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong etc... 

We have rich experiences in machinery equipment and the sponge enterprise platform offers a good opportunity to develop and design the technology of machinery equipment. We are a company combine the technology of foaming sponge and designing the machinery equipment with rich relations resources and strong capital strength. Over ten years experience of operating the machine equipment, we have achieved remarkable economic and society results depends on our own courage, diligent, honesty and unique design experience and vision. Also, we have received good reputation in the market and the loyalty of the subordinates. Exceeded 30 employees in our company, including senior administrator and designers in which has a experience over five years. Fine corporation structure, high quality staffs and strong cohesive force, all of these earned a outstanding results in many years of machinery technology and design.

Our company is well-versed in designing and producing the soft foam sponge machine. We are in the leading way in domestic as for the horizontal foaming sponge equipment and the vertical circular foaming sponge equipment. In the development process, we adhere the corporation philosophy defining ”Faith, responsibility, quality, innovation and service”. And have successful retrofit the equipment of horizontal foaming sponge equipment and the vertical circular foaming sponge for our customers. We imported new style of fixing head which can produce the fine and delicate foam and have high density of foam. The second hand horizontal foaming machine and the vertical circular foaming machine are available to sell for a long time and the quality of the equipment can be guarantee. Main products: horizontal automatic continuously foaming machine, vertical automatic continuously foaming machine, foam crane unit, and some special technical machine, variety kinds of second hand cutting foam machine, long sheet cutting machine, cutting machine, vertical cutting machine and so on. 

Sponge applications of horizontal foaming equipment: household sponge, furniture sponge, soft sponge, mattress sponge, cushion compound sponge, brasserie sponge, bags sponge, carpet compound sponge, pillow sponge, footwear sponge etc..Sponge applications of vertical foaming equipment: cushion compound sponge, footwear sponge, carpet compound sponge, bags sponge, backpack sponge, packing sponge, microphone etc...


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Address:Dong Qiao Town Ting Tang Village, Xiuyu District No. 39 in Putian City,Fujian ProvinceChina

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