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High resilience sponge
Time:2020/6/18 10:07:52    

1. Definition

High resilience sponge performance is excellent. Product performance (such as soft hardness, surface logo design, color, density, toughness, etc.) can be adjusted according to user requirements. Physical properties: Component A, component B, processed into PU high resilience products at one time. As long as the formula is changed according to a certain ratio, high resilience products with different characteristics can be obtained. It is produced and processed with polyurethane (PU) - high, medium and low density and high resilience foam material, and its main component is polyurethane.

The bubble diameters of high resilience sponges are mixed and distributed. The thickness of the skeleton is different, and they have a large opening rate. When they are compressed, they will produce different rebound forces under different deformation states. Therefore, they are called high resilience sponges.

2. Process

  The high resilience sponge process uses the high resilience cold-cured polyurethane foam formed by the cold molding process, which has excellent mechanical properties (high resilience, low hysteresis loss); high compression load ratio, so it has a significant sitting comfort Type; excellent fatigue resistance; feel similar to latex surface; good breathability and flame retardant properties.

  At the same time, due to the short production cycle, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, it has now replaced the traditional heat-cured polyurethane foam. At present, there are many large professional PU manufacturers in China.

3.  Advantages of high resilience sponge

    A. Good shock resistance and flexibility;

B. Good tear strength;

C. The hardness is easy to adjust;

D. Excellent resilience and scalability;

    E. Good reshaping performance(it can be restored to its original shape immediately after being changed in shape and has good elasticity);

    F. Can be made into any shape.

4. Wide application

  High resilience molded products are also widely used in the furniture industry, aircraft industry, toy industry, automobile, motorcycle, train, high-end sports goods industry (mainly sports protective gear) and other industrial fields. Among them most are motorcycle cushions, car headrests, backrests, sofa cushions, mattresses, high-end car seats, sofa seats, office seats, toys, massage equipment accessories, high-density balls, and various shapes of one-time forming sponges. Therefore, high resilience products made from high resilience sponges can provide better comfort, it is also a more ideal comfort factor and the ideal first choice material.

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