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How to judge the quality of high-density sponge
Time:2021/3/18 10:28:12    

The quality of sponge can be divided into three types according to density which are high density sponge, medium density sponge and low density sponge. The density of the sponge is the weight of the sponge per cubic meter. High-density sponges have many holes and it is sponges that weigh more than 45 kilograms per cubic meter of sponge.The high density of the sponge means that the voids inside are smaller and the quality is greater.

  How to judge the quality of high-density sponge?

  1. Appearance: Except for special large-pored and chaotic-pored sponges, usually the more delicate the surface of the sponge, the smaller the pores, the better.

  2. Hand feeling: it can rebound quickly, fluffy sponge is better.

  3. Tensile performance: A good sponge has at least 80% tensile elongation.

  4. Odor: Good quality sponges have a little odor.

  5. Tear strength: A good piece of sponge is not easy to be torn and the quality is not good if it is broken with a single finger. High-grade sofa cushions should use high-density sponges with a density of more than 30 kg/m3 and back cushions should use high-density sponges with a density of 25 kg/m3.

  The sponge process has been improved and the density is no longer judged by weight.It uses better technical standards to judge whether the sponge is a high-density or not. High-density sponge has the characteristics of absorbing external force, delicate, soft and comfortable. It can meet the needs of a variety of markets in the automobile, furniture, toy and other industries.

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