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How to store sponge composites
Time:2021/11/9 9:31:07    

We must know that the storage of sponges must meet certain conditions and requirements, otherwise incomplete storage will cause corrosion of the sponges. High-quality sponges cannot be separated from a ventilated and dry environment. The following describes how to store sponges correctly. 

The storage of the sponge should be in a ventilated and dry environment, away from moisture, water, and corrosive chemicals, to prevent the sponge from corroding the sponge tube during long-term storage and the defects of the sponge which cannot be used and sold normally. The storage location of the sponge should be in a dry and clean warehouse and other indoor areas. A solid floor should be selected to withstand the heavier weight. Regular cleaning should be done to clean the surface dust, dust-proof cloth, etc. The sponge should always be kept dry and clean and it should be used at any time when necessary.

At the same time, ensure the dryness of the sponge storage environment. Too dry or humid is not suitable for storing sponges. In an environment that is too humid, the sponge can easily absorb part of the water. If it is light, the probability of weight and moisture increase will increase. If it is heavy, mold will occur. Too dry environment will be affected by temperature, product elasticity and structural strength will be affected, so avoid long-term exposure to the sun during storage and ensure the ventilation and dryness of the surrounding environment, so as to better ensure the product performance.

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