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Precautions for the use of polyurethane insulation materials
Time:2022/5/17 15:36:48    

Please pay attention to the following aspects when using polyurethane insulation materials

1. Strictly control the temperature of the construction environment.

The most suitable temperature for polyurethane foaming reaction is 20-25. If the ambient temperature cannot be changed, please tell us the ambient temperature you are in in time.

2. Strictly control the proportion of black and white materials. The ratio of common ingredients is 1:1.

3. The black and white materials in the polyurethane thermal insulation material should be mixed as uniformly as possible.

It is recommended to use a motor with a speed of more than 1200 rpm and a spraying machine to achieve a certain pressure during the stirring process (manual stirring causes uneven mixing, which leads to large bubbles, crisp foam, and low dispensing rate).

4. Temperature resistance.

Products made of ordinary polyurethane materials can withstand temperature of 70 °C, and products formed of high-temperature polyurethane materials can withstand temperature of 160 °C.

5. Flame retardant properties.

Flame retardant means that it is self-extinguishing away from fire, not incombustible. The oxygen index of B2 grade flame retardant polyurethane foam reaches 26, and the oxygen index of B1 grade flame retardant polyurethane foam reaches 32.

6. Responsiveness.

The reaction performance indicated on the analysis report provided by us is established under the specified conditions (such as temperature, stirring speed, mixing time, material ratio). , so that the foaming speed is too fast or too slow to be constructed, which is not a quality problem.

7. Deterioration of polyurethane insulation materials.

The apparent phenomenon of the deterioration of the combined polyether is: The color becomes darker. The viscosity increases. The smell is strong and can smell sour. The reaction performance is obviously decreased; if it starts slowly, it will not be fixed for a long time. The middle part of the foam is red. The combined polyethers we offer have a guaranteed shelf life of six months.

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