Double knife cutting machine
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Double knife cutting machine

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Double knife cutting machine

This kind of machine is installed on the foam conveying line and is used for continuous foam cutting to a certain length for transportation, storage and processing. The digital control of this machine adopts two cutting methods: serrated knife and knife belt. Customers can choose the cutting method according to their own needs, and solve the risk of downtime caused by broken knife belt. The machine is simple to operate and precise in cutting.


  型号(Model)  DMLF-2400A   型号(Model)   DMLF-2400B
  切绵宽度(Cutting foam width)  2400mm  切绵宽度(Cutting foam width)  2400mm
  切绵高度(Cutting foam height)  1300mm  切绵高度(Cutting foam height)  1300mm
 刀带移动速度(Knife belt moving speed)  0-12m/min  刀带升降速度(Knife belt lifting speed)  21m/min
 刀带周长(Blade length)  L6200mm  刀带周长(Blade length)  L10940mm
 输送带输送速度(Conveyor belt speed)  0-8m/min  输送带输送速度(Conveyor belt speed)  L10940mm
  总功率(Total power)  6KW  总功率(Total power)  L10940mm
  机器重量(machine weight)  1800KG  机器重量(machine weight)  2000KG
  机器外形尺寸(machine external size)  L3700×W1300×H2300mm  机器外形尺寸(machine external size)  L6000×W4559×H4000mm